Mayo Services:

Investment Casting Machine Support.


The Mayo Engineering 24-7 European Service Centre offers tailored after-sales support to individual foundries, providing efficient, low-cost maintenance and support. This well-equipped centre with highly trained staff will train, service, overhaul and maintain all working Mayo products.


The Mayo 24-7 European Service Centre provides:

  • Online and on-site support
  • Affordable spares parts
  • Cost-effective service solutions
  • Training in machine operation, process parameters and maintenance


Online and on-site support is precisely tailored to each customer, including direct telephone and remote support. Manned by highly trained and competent Mayo-approved service technicians, the Mayo team can also assist you with long-term routine and preventive maintenance planning. The Mayo Steadfast Centre manages the worldwide supply of spare parts, guaranteeing the components you require in the shortest possible time. Special arrangements with international couriers provide prompt on-time deliveries, with a highly competitive spare parts pricing structure. We provide spares, support and service for all makes of wax and ceramic core injection machinery, and we mean ALL MAKES, those we have sold new over the past 25 years, and those built by other companies, we can even support machines built by machine builders no longer in existence.


Services include:

  • Stand-alone call-out’s
  • Annual maintenance contract modules (AMC)
  • Machine upgradation modules
  • Safety standards upgradation modules
  • Machine refurbishment modules
  • Operator training
  • Maintenance training
  • Investment casting process training

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Mayo Engineering is a specialist in the manufacture and supply of a complete range of investment casting, cutting and finishing technologies.


Get in touch to find out more, we offer a wide range of products and services to suit your requirements – if you have any questions please feel free to contact us via our online form or telephone us for more information, and your inquiry will go straight to the best sales, service or support team member to provide a response within one business day.


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