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Laser & Waterjet Cutting.


In partnership with A Innovative International Ltd, Mayo Engineering now supply CNC Laser and Waterjet cutting machines. A Innovative was established in 2000 and has over the past 20 years gained an excellent reputation as a manufacturer, supplier and service provider through its own innovative design and technology.


A Innovative International provide high-quality specialised CNC Waterjet Cutting machines, Robotic Waterjet Cutting machines, CNC Laser Cutting machines and Robotic Laser Cutting machines to manufacturing companies all over the world. The machines are supplied with the very latest advanced, and yet easy to use, CAM software.


A Innovative products come under the high-end European service and support network provided by Mayo Engineering Ltd, and our dedicated engineering team. Equipment installation, service and spares are all handled from our Mansfield UK head office.


A Innovative equipment is of the highest quality, and utilises the best components available, whilst being very competitively priced, making the range of Waterjet and laser cutting machines, some of the best available anywhere in the world. If you are in the market for a Waterjet or Laser Cutter please get in touch with us, as we can offer unrivalled service, based on 30 years of selling high end machines around the world.


Waterjet Cutting Machines

A Innovative and Mayo Engineering are proud to introduce their Waterjet machines for CNC profile cutting in every industry. The size of the table can be selected as per the Length x Width of the material sheet. Ultra-high-pressure pump can be selected as per the material, thickness, finish and required cutting speed. Applications include: Job & Machine Shop Applications, Metals, Exotic & Non-traditional Materials, Machine Manufacturing, Ceramics / Stones, Glass/Metal Artwork, Medical/Surgical, Aerospace/Defence/Navy/Atomic Energy, Automotive, Institutes, Gaskets, Fiberglass, Foam Products, Slitting Operations / Trim & Hole Cuts and Electronics applications.


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Laser Cutting Machines

A Innovative is a leading manufacturer and service provider, of an extensive range of Automatic Laser Cutting Machines, and these are sold through Mayo Engineering. The machines are widely used in a number of industries such as advertising, art and craft, electronics, and automotive companies, for varied manufacturing applications. These Laser Cutting Machines direct a high-power laser beam towards the hard material, and precisely cut or melt away the required parts. A Innovative Laser Cutting Machines offer low electrical consumption, high durability, and excellent performance. More detailed information can be seen in the downloadable leaflet:


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Robotic Cutting Systems

There are various cutting systems available, including Plasma, Laser, Electric Discharge and  Waterjet. Waterjet cutting of various materials lends itself well to robotic operation. We can tailer a system to meet a customers precise needs, as it offers a flexible easily programmed method for cutting most plastics, foams and fabrics, as well of course as sheet metal. The main advantage of utilising Robotic Waterjet Cutting are flexibility and speed. Robotic Waterjet cutting systems are already in use in many industries, including automotive.


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Mayo Engineering is a specialist in the manufacture and supply of a complete range of investment casting, cutting and finishing technologies.


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