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Ceramic Core Injectors.


Mayo Engineering also provide an extensive range of Ceramic Injection machinery for the injection of both hard and soft ceramic materials.


Ceramic Cores are widely used in the Investment Casting Process, and we have a machine in our range to suit exactly what is needed, in order to produce the highest quality ceramic cores. Our specialist field is in the supply of equipment for the injection of ceramic material that uses a wax carrier.


We also supply machines to inject what is called hard ceramic, a process developed in Russia and licensed to many countries such as India and Malaysia. These hard ceramic injectors are similar to our conventional wax carrier based core injectors, but they use many more nitrided components in their construction. As well as ceramic core injection machines, we have developed a range of ceramic material mixers, which are designed to blend the materials before the mix is transferred to the core injector.



Our Ceramic Injection machines are available as standard C Frame and 4 Pillar designs, in ranges from 6 to 150 tonnes, with custom designs being available to order. Our machines incorporate a wide range of standard features including logical machine layouts, fast simple seal changes, and consistent & reliable performance with long-life injection system seals. A wide range of options are available including Twin Ceramic Holding Tanks, two Injection Nozzle Closure systems, shuttle tables, Ceramic Pre Melters, 90 Degree Turned Platen Layout, Jib Cranes and Pattern Ejectors.


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