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De-Waxing Autoclaves.


Designed specifically to de-wax Investment Casting Shells, our Energy Pack De-Waxing Autoclaves are built to last for years of 24/7 operation, they featuring an advanced Siemens-based industrial touch screen computer to enable total machine control.


Why Buy a De-Waxing Autoclave from Mayo Engineering?

  1. Get an offer from others, then compare our price, you will be pleasantly surprised
  2. Our build quality is equal to machines from the UK, Germany or the USA
  3. Our Energy Pack De-Waxing Autoclaves are economical, efficient and simple to maintain
  4. They prevent shell cracking due to the high speed they get up to working pressure
  5. They are simple to install
  6. They have a highly advanced Siemens based touch screen control system, with controlled de-pressurisation as standard
  7. Wax collection can be via blow down or dedicated wax collection bins
  8. Our door has an ultra-safe door locking system utilising a new submarine type door
  9. Supplied with a highly comprehensive operation and maintenance manual, which is given in the customers language of choice
  10. Worldwide leading sales, service, spares and customer support


Our standard range of De-Waxing Autoclaves are supplied in the following sizes, however other sizes are available to order, including purpose built machines using stand-alone gas or oil boilers, where there is insufficient electrical power available.

Mayo ModelInternal Diameter mmInternal Length mmMax Pressure Kgs/cm2Power Rating KW
Boilerclave (2)


Mayo Energy Pack De-Waxing Autoclaves feature programmable controlled de-pressurisation, which can be set from the touch screen. There are four basic models in the range – all are 11 bar units, supplied to comply with any relevant boiler and other regulations applicable to whichever country the machine is being supplied to, such as TUV, CE, UL and so on. Steam vents and steam blow down vessels are supplied along with the De-Waxing Autoclave, as and when required by specific boiler regulations.


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