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BarbeSkew Barbecues.


The Future of the Barbecue is here … the days of apprehension and black sausages are now over, thanks to the launch of a new barbecue which cooks food to perfection. The BarbeSkew range takes its name from Barbecue, and Skewer, combining a traditional barbecue with a spit roast.


Instead of a barbecue grill above the flames, the BarbeSkew automatically rotates the food on skewers slowly, ensuring it is cooked thoroughly and ensuring the food doesn’t burn. Larger produce, such as fish and burgers, can also be cooked on the BarbeSkew by placing them in a rotating cage. BarbeSkew’s bring the popular Mediterranean-style taste into your back garden.


Benefits of the BarbeSkew range include a barbecue that automatically rotates the food ensuring it is cooked evenly without charring, mouth-watering traditional charcoal barbecue flavour, cooks both chicken and pork more thoroughly, hands-free cooking mechanism frees the host to enjoy a glass of wine and mingle with guests, an easy-to-clean removable charcoal tray and removable fat tray.

Gas BBQ 1.1

Charcoal BarbeSkew Barbecues

Featuring fantastic BBQ taste, a grill on the go and easy transportation and storage, the Charcoal Grill is perfect for smaller gardens and balconies, or allows you to cook on the go and take that great taste with you. the grill comes with chrome foldable legs for easy storage and transportation, and a closable lid to create an oven like atmosphere. this sleek and stylish barbie will look great in your garden or on your travels and will give you that unbeatable BBQ taste.


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Gas BarbeSkew Barbecues

Our Gas Grill BBQ’s include the World’s only Stainless Gas Rotisserie BBQ. No need for anyone to have to keep on turning the food – the Gas BarbeSkew does the job for you meaning you can sit down and relax and enjoy the occasion! But of course, if you like turning the food yourself – the Gas BarbeSkew allows you to both grill traditionally and use half of the kebab skewers at the same time. All the items rotate automatically by two separate motors ensuring the food is cooked evenly without the usual burning that happens on traditional barbecues. The rotation effect ensures the food is self-basting, meaning the food comes off the BarbeSkew moist and juicy. It is the moisture in other food that absorbs the smoke giving the food the real authentic smokey barbecue flavour.


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Kamado BarbeSkew Barbecues

Kamado BarbeSkew Barbecues, based on traditional ceramic Japanese clay ovens, are a thick-walled cooker that impart a rich, smoky flavour to food. Crafted to perform better and last longer, Kamado BarbeSkew Barbecues use modern materials and forward-thinking design to make the heavy ceramic grill a pleasure to use. They have great insulation properties to hold in the heat, and provide excellent smoking and roasting, as well as cooking pizzas and searing meat at high temperatures. Kamado BarbeSkew Barbecues offer superb-tasting food and versatility.


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