Mayo Products:

Shell Room Equipment.


We supply a comprehensive range of Dedicated Investment Casting Shell Room Machinery. All built to the highest quality standards, CE Marked, and supplied with the well renowned comprehensive Mayo Warranty and Back Up Service Package.


Our extensive range of precision casting shell room equipment includes:


  • High Shear Pre-Mixers, in single and multiple configurations
  • Horizontal Drum Roller Mixers, often called Jar Mills
  • Rotary Drum Slurry Mixers, now available with a removable internal drum lining
  • Fluidised Beds and Blowers
  • Tower Rain Sanders
  • Rotary Rain Sanders
  • Sand Blow Off Tanks
  • Conveyors and Mould Hangers
  • Shelling Manipulators
  • Mould Carriers
  • Complete Robotic Shelling Lines, utilising Kuka Robots, with total environmental control

Slurry Mixers

Mayo Slurry Mixers are purpose designed to mix investment casting slurries. In use across the world, they provide a cost effective solution, and give reliable 24-7 operation. Available in the following sizes: 600mm diameter, 750mm diameter, 900mm diameter, 1200mm diameter, 1500mm diameter, 2000mm diameter; custom sizes available as well built to order. Various options are available, including single or dual quick release paddles, water cooled paddles, electronic or mechanical variable speed drives, wheel mounted mixers and explosion-proof electrics.

Fluidised Beds

Our Mayo Fluidised Beds are designed with the user in mind. They all feature built in dust extraction rings, and easy stucco emptying access. Where the fluidised bed is larger than 750mm diameter, multiple air zones are built into the fluidised beds air distribution base, this enables the incoming flow of high volume low pressure air, to be balanced for even fluid bed performance. Available in the following sizes: 600mm diameter, 750mm diameter, 900mm diameter,1200mm diameter, 1500mm diameter. Custom sizes built to order.

Rain & Rotary Sanders

We have been supplying Rain Sanders now for almost 25 years. Our Mayo Rain Sanders can be supplied in a number of configurations and formats. These include screw or chain and bucket sand/stucco conveyors, along with fixed cone or rotary spinner type distribution screens. All our sanders feature lump separators, and are designed for simple logical operation, giving reliable service for many years. As with all our Mayo products, spare parts are easily available worldwide, along with our excellent back up service. Available in the following sizes: 900mm x 900mm high Working Area, 100mm x 1400mm high Working Area, 1200mm x 1800mm high Working Area. Custom sizes built to order. Our Mayo Rotary Sanders all feature electronic variable speed drive systems, and built in dust extraction ports. As with all our Mayo products, spare parts are easily available worldwide, along with our excellent back up service. Available in the following sizes: 600mm x 600mm high Working Area, 900mm x1200mm high Working Area, 1800mm x 1400mm high Working Area. Custom sizes built to order.

Automated Shell Production Cells

We can supply a Complete Shelling Package, utilising the Mayo M-ppek system to control it. Our system can also be designed around utilising a customer’s existing shell room equipment where possible, such as incorporating our EeZee Manipulator and Conveyor System, with a customer’s existing Slurry Mixers, Fluidised Beds and Rain Sanders.


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Shelling Manipulators

The Mayo EeZee-2010 manipulator is a purpose built Shelling Robot, designed with simplicity in mind, to work around the clock, at minimum cost. In most automatic shelling applications, it’s not necessary to have what we would call “An all-singing, all-dancing robot” when a simpler manipulator will do the job just as well, and just as efficiently. 3 standard versions are available, with custom sizes also available built to order. The standard weight range of the 3 models is: Mayo EeZee-2010 Model 150 Up to 150kg Payload Capacity, Mayo EeZee-2010 Model 250 – Up to 250kg Payload Capacity, Mayo EeZee-2010 Model 500 – Up to 500kg Payload Capacity.


Mayo Engineering is a specialist in the manufacture and supply of a complete range of investment casting, cutting and finishing technologies.


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