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Wax Reclamation Systems.


The Mayo wax reclamation system is designed using proven wax reclamation techniques. This is important, as the system needs to work effectively and efficiently as all waxes behave differently.


We use conical shaped tanks with two alternative options of working, dependent on the wax specific gravity:


Method 1: When the wax density is lower than 0.85, wax separates from the water and ash due to the weight difference, and if unstirred for 2 – 4 hours, clean wax can be tapped out from a point at the side of the tank, with water then tapped from base.


Method 2: When the wax density is above 0.9, the temperature has to be taken to 100 Degrees C, so all the water boils out in a few hours, depending on the type of wax used.


Our most popular wax reclamation system is designed to process up to 160 litres of investment casting wax per 24 hour period, and features twin 160 litre conical wax settling tanks, along with a further 160 litre tank that the reclaimed wax is filtered into, this also features a rapid wax melter, to enable the reclaimed wax to be blended with fresh virgin wax as and if required.



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