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Mayo Engineering are specialists In Investment Casting Equipment supply and support. Our product ranges encompass Investment Casting machines, Wax and Ceramic Injectors, Wax Reclamation Systems and De-Waxing Autoclaves, Shotblasting and Finishing systems, and Laser & Water-Jet Cutting products.


In addition, we also supply and support our range of cast equestrian products, and also offer our unique BarbeSkew range of barbecues. See below to find out more about Mayo Engineering’s range of products:

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Investment Casting Wax Injection

Mayo Engineering supply a comprehensive range of new Wax Injection Machines. Mayo have become a world leading supplier of equipment to the Investment Casting Industry. Our machines are grouped into four sections: C Frame, 4 Pillar, IGT Large Injectors and Automode Automatic Wax Injectors.

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Wax Reclamation Systems

The Mayo Wax Reclamation System is designed on proven wax reclamation techniques, they are competitively priced, and they work well. The system is divided into two systems, and can be filled either manually – Un-Filled Wax – or by using wax blow down direct from the Autoclave – Filled Wax. 

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Ceramic Core Injectors

Mayo Engineering also provide an extensive range of Ceramic Injection machinery for the injection of both hard and soft ceramic materials. Ceramic Cores are widely used in the Investment Casting Process, and we have a machine in our range to produce the highest quality ceramic cores.

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Shell Room Equipment

Mayo Engineering supply a comprehensive range of dedicated Investment Casting Shell Room Machinery. All are built to the highest quality standards, CE Marked, and supplied with the well renowned comprehensive Mayo Warranty and Back Up Service Package.

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De-Waxing Autoclaves

Designed specifically to de-wax Investment Casting Shells, Mayo Engineering’s Energy Pack De-Waxing Autoclaves are built to last for years of 24/7 operation, they featuring an advanced Siemens-based industrial touch screen computer to enable total machine control.

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Automated Cut-Off & Knock-Out

Mayo Engineering supply a range of bespoke, purpose built casting cut off machines, these are available in both semi-automatic, where the operator physically pulls the blade down, or in fully auto versions, where the blade and cutting table are automatically controlled, using joysticks.

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Laser & Waterjet Cutting

In partnership with A Innovative International Ltd, Mayo Engineering now supply CNC Laser and Waterjet cutting machines. A Innovative has over the past 20 years gained an excellent reputation as a manufacturer, supplier and service provider through its own innovative design and technology.

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BarbeSkew Barbecues

The Future of the Barbecue is here … the days of apprehension and black sausages are now over, thanks to the launch of a new barbecue which cooks food to perfection. The BarbeSkew range takes its name from Barbecue, and Skewer, combining a traditional barbecue with a spit roast.

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