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Shotblasting & Surface Finishing.


Mayo Engineering and I.T.F. offer one of the world’s leading surface finishing systems, with unrivalled expertise in all areas of industrial washing, deburring, and shotblasting.


I.T.F. is an Italian Company whom since 1979 has focused on the design, development and production of surface finishing equipment’s. In addition to a wide range of standard systems, I.T.F. design and manufacture customised systems to customer’s individual needs. I.T.F.’s Engineering department is at your complete disposal to study each different case, and offer various solutions to meet production and quality needs.


Growing demand for high-quality standards of final products are closely linked to the need for particularly effective and specific processes. The internal know-how, as well as the experience acquired in more than 40 years of being in business, allow I.T.F. to offer not only machine or plant systems, but also real solutions to meet customer needs in terms of both plant construction, the highest quality and after-sales support.


In both of the ITF Italian factories, all of their products are designed, built and tested before shipment. Furthermore, since 1997 I.T.F. is the only company in the sector, that is the concessionaire of the UCIMU – Association of Italian Machine Tool, Robot and Automation Manufacturers.


We represent ITF within the United Kingdom and Eire, and welcome any enquiries you may have for ITF equipment.

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Shotblasting is a mechanical action obtained by a metallic or not metallic media (called shot) on a workpiece surface. This technology has a wide range of applications in many markets. I.T.F. produce different solutions according to the the process aims: 1. Wheel-blasting equipment (where the shot propulsion is generated by a motor driven turbine wheel). 2. Both manual and automatic air-blasting equipment (where the shot propulsion is generated by compressed air). 3. Wet blasting equipment (where the propulsion of shot and water mixture is generated by compressed air). Shotpeening is a specific example of blasting process: the round shots generate an “hammering” action on the surface, reducing the surface tensile stress on the workpiece. This process reduces the possibility of cracks and increase the lifetime of the workpiece. This solution is mainly applied in aerospace and automotive Industry.


In today’s market, any workpiece being machined or generally produced must be washed during the various stages of production with a final result of no or little contamination – oil, metallic particles, dust etc.. The market requires compliant pieces to be delivered perfectly clean. Our equipment include modified alcohol plants, water based plants, alcohol-water mixed plants and plants with chlorinated solvents. Therefore, we have the ability to recommend the correct solution and the system suitable for the your needs, and to satisfy the customer’s production request – water or solvent systems.


I.T.F. water jet high pressure deburring systems are designed to meet the state of the art standards as per industry 4.0. The main cleaning station of each deburring system is equipped with an IP 67 grade robot that will follow your defined deburring program on each mechanical part entering the machine. There are two types of HP deburring machines (according to the function of the robots): tooled wall (robots move the workpieces around fixed nozzles); lance handling (robots move the lance around the indexed workpiece). At the loading position, there is a smart identification device that will recognise the part and then initiate the corresponding deburring program. Our identification system is designed to recognise multiple parts, so you won’t need retooling each time you decide to change the production batch. The working high pressure is generated by special pump and achieve a value up to 1.100 bar, able to remove chips, flying burrs, contaminants.


ITF provides integrated handling solutions as accessory functions for our equipment – shotblasting, washing and HP deburring. ITF Automation was developed with the aim to satisfy customer needs and provide turnkey solutions to industry – not only production machines, but also conveyors, ancillaries machines, gantry and robotic handling. Our engineering and manufacturing department can satisfy the needs of many industries, due to our wide experience in many sectors including the automotive industries, where the concept of automatisation is widespread, combined with the ability to produce tailor-made, custom solutions.


Mayo Engineering is a specialist in the manufacture and supply of a complete range of investment casting, cutting and finishing technologies.


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